A New Lifestyle

A new lifestyle journey begins with just one step. One of the most underrated exercises out there is just going out for a walk. Yet with so much technology nowadays keeping us glued to the couch we don’t take on the simplest of journeys.


Well take that technology with you

with our Running Belt that holds phones, MP3s, wallets, keys and so much more. Okay so how about those days when we feel like the weather is what keeps us indoors. Well with the Cooling Towel comes in a convenient carrying bottle that clip onto the running belt. It’s the ideal way to stay cool during those hot days & nights. We may not always be in the mood for walking/ running, so let’s jump on a bike. Bike riding is a great way to get rid of those calories.

Eternaliving A new lifestyle

Eternal ice towel

For any outdoor exercise/ activities we must always have safety awareness and with our Armband LED Lights. There will come times when there maybe no choice but to stay indoors, well we can’t let that stop us from getting much needed exercise. Stretching is essential in keeping the body flexible while improving blood circulation in the body. Yoga is one exercise that’s main focus is stretching out the body & relieve stress while improving our body’s posture. One tool that will help while doing some of those Yoga positions is the Back-Stretcher Pro. Fitness goals are easier to track with our Body Trainer Scale that measures body weight, fat & water in pounds and kilograms but has a programmable memory for up to 10 users so the whole family can keep track of fitness goals.