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Utilizing essential equipment to make any outdoor activity safe & fun for everyone

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds us day by day. Take on new adventures in hiking, camping, fishing, etc. while we provide the products to bring you safety and comfort. Stay cool in the hot summer days while outdoors with our cordless LED ceiling tent fans & icy towels to keep from overheating in the blazing sun. Various lanterns, lamps & head gear to shine on light in any dark corner whether outside or inside. Our lighting products come in solar, or magnetic, or even to be worn as an accessory, all of which are ideal to be used in preventing or while in an emergency situation. We have portable Bluetooth items that make spending time outdoors just a blast. Nowadays it’s essential to keep your phone charged, we offer our Power E-wallet which provides back-up juice while keeping your cash, id’s & cards safe from scanners.

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Portable Power Bank

The Eternal portable power bank PG93845; What to do when your smart phone is on 2% and you are nowhere near your charger. Usually most people find this

Cordless Personal Blender

The Eternal Cordless Blender PG93847, healthy & wise is  what you can be with this unique and convenient blender . Healthy because of all the real fruit smoothies

Eternal Humidifier PG94848

The Eternal Humidifier PG94848; create a tropical atmosphere while at home or in the office. For those who are tired of breathing in dry & dusty air, help

Stadium seat

With Eternal Stadium Seat enjoying a fantastic game or awesome concert will be possible even when you are sitting in those hard stadium or arena seats. Take the

The 3 fundamental gadgets that every beginner must have before they go camping. Let’s have fun and be safe.

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Are you busy working in front of the computer the whole day? 3 clever ideas to fight stress at your workplace.

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Bring your family together with an outdoors weekend. 3 basics that everyone should know for an outdoors day.

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with unique novelties ordinary day-to-day activities take an unusual twist with our novelty items.

Make an event like adding moisture to the air more exciting with a lightbulb shaped humidifier. Not only does it bring moisture to the air but it’s color changing. You can plug in at home, or the office or even on vacation to those areas that you love to visit but the air is so dry. Speaking of vacations, how many times do you fall of the diet wagon while traveling? No worries with a portable & cordless blender. Now never be without those important smoothies.

Take care of your body inside & out at anytime with a nice shiatsu massage. Our portable massage pillow with heat setting will have you relaxing anywhere, even in your car. Keep valuables and important documents safe while away as well. A book safe is a simple must have while vacationing. You can keep it on a shelf at home or keep with your luggage while spending time away from home. Only you know the combination.

“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
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