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Smile every time you get into your car

Auto accessories and useful tips to keep you safe during your commute. Must have safety items in your car, tools, air compressors, window breaker and more! Eternal items motivate you to pay attention to that old friend that’s always with you; your car. Turn the time you spend on the freeway into a pleasant experience with our useful innovative items and ideas.

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Emergency Kits

The Eternal car safety kit PG14170 & PG14175; There are moments while driving that an extreme emergency can arise. Cell phones are always handy but what to

Your car is an extension of your living spaces; make sure you feel good in it. Wouldn’t you love to keep the car neat after you drop off the kids?

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Do you know what emergency items you should have in your car at all times?

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Road trip? An air compressor can help your with the inflatable toys and keep you going when that unexpected ‘low pressure tire’ lights up on the dashboard.

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Eternal Auto

Be Safe

No matter the weather, you should always feel safe in your car

Keeping all types of motor vehicles safe, clean, and prepared for any hazard on the road. Preparedness is the first key to staying calm in any type of emergency. Most important is the types of lighting fixtures that we provide for the vehicle. Eternal  can provide the key for most situations when an emergency can occur. We have light fixtures that come with a magnetic base to affix to the hood or top of the car to use in any emergency. Our basic or deluxe Emergency Roadside Kits for the car or home. Perfect size to keep in a trunk, back seat, truck bed, tool box, garage, or even under a sink. Never be without necessary tools again. From car trunk organizers, wet/ dry vacuums, and cell phone holders will assist in having a well-kept & tidy vehicle. Never lose your phone in your car or have multiple items rolling around in the trunk again.

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