Emergency Kits

The Eternal car safety kit PG14170 & PG14175; There are moments while driving that an extreme emergency can arise. Cell phones are always handy but what to do when there is no service or a dead battery. Prevent any emergency situation from becoming dire or tragic by keeping a car safety kit in your car.

Each kit includes the essentials like insulated Jumper Cables, Tire Gauges and Cloth Work Gloves. These are the basic necessities for a dead battery or just to check the pressure on your tires in case there is a flat tire.

For the more mechanically inclined there is the 31-piece kit that comes with so much more for taking care of your vehicle.

All tools included inside of a sturdy hard-shell carrying case are: 1 Flathead Screwdriver, 1 Phillips Head Screwdriver, 10 pc Nut Driver Set, Slip Joint Pliers, Electrical Tape, 12 Assorted Electric Terminals & Fuses.

Eternal car safety kit PG14175 with sturdy hard-shell carrying case!


If your looking for something that includes tools to take care of yourself & others as well as your car, then the 12-piece kit is more desirable for you. Included in the red soft-zippered carrying case is 1 LED Headlamp, 1 pc Color Sleeve, 1 pc Rain Poncho, 12 pc First Aid Kit (4-sm. Bandages, 4 large bandages, 2 pc alcohol pads, 1 set of tweezers, 1 pc OPP bag). Both sets do have the insulated jumper cables, cloth safety gloves & tire gauge. Each kit is essential for all car owners. Small compact to fit in any trunk, back seat, tool box, etc. Ideal gift for those loved ones who are new car owners or even those who have been driving for ages.