Emergency Hammer With LED Lights And Seat Belt Cutter

The Eternal Emergency Hammer PG93859. Getting caught up in any type of emergency can be scary & nerve-wrecking. Even the tiniest situation like a flat tire, or car stalling or even a dead car battery can quickly escalate into a disaster.

When your car stalls at night just place the Emergency Hammer on the hood of the car with the warning lights so a tow car can easily spot you.


Don’t have to worry about the light falling off because the bottom has strong magnets on the bottom.

Even when a situation arises where you need to bust a windshield open, the hammer edge is sharp enough to break through.

 Use the bright spotlight under the car hood for mechanical failures!

The Emergency Hammer PG93859 has a top flashlight that is great for directional lighting needed in a dark trunk, back seat, camper, etc. helps to find lost items in a car.

The 1 tool needed in every car, home & workplace

Emergency Hammer PG93786

Emergency Hammer with Light and Batteries