Back Yard

Fresh air, sunlight on your skin and taking great care of your home garden is an essential way to ease stress and keep calm. Yet bug bites, weeds, and dry grass can ruin time spent outdoors. Let’s keep our grass green & lively by keeping it hydrated. Regular water hoses often get in the way or are constantly getting tangled and not everyone can afford a sprinkler system. Our Stainless-Steel Water Hose takes care of the problem of hoses that get tangled up. The stainless-steel stays cool to the touch and is practically indestructible.


A beautiful home garden is meant to be seen so what is the best way to illuminate your hard work at night?

An elegant & classy way to brighten up any space outdoors is with the Victorian Lights. It’s a wonderful addition in a rose garden or even to light up a walkway. Spruce up the entrance to your home by attaching the Victorian Light to your home garden. Keep some of your proud gardening work from outside by bringing it indoors. Transplant some of your smaller plants, cacti, or flowers into the Singing Lily. The best part of the Singing Lily is how it can keep you entertained. It plays a variety of classical piano tunes while the night light plays along. It can be hooked up to Bluetooth for more modern sounds.

Eternal Solar Torch PG93853

Eternal products for home garden

We may not always want to bring in everything from the outdoors. Let’s keep the bugs outside with our Hands-Free Mesh Doors that come in black and some cool designs like floral & Aztec print. For those annoying insects that do make it indoors install a Bug Zapper light into any light socket and get rid of those pests. We should always achieve to find comfort in our homes from the inside to the outside.

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Eternal products for home garden