Portable Power Bank


The Eternal portable power bank PG93845; What to do when your smart phone is on 2% and you are nowhere near your charger. Usually most people find this as an occasion to panic but if

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Cordless Personal Blender


The Eternal Cordless Blender PG93847, healthy & wise is  what you can be with this unique and convenient blender . Healthy because of all the real fruit smoothies that you can make while at home

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Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel


The Eternal Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel PG93863; Have Cool Dreams give you the perfect night’s sleep with a great combination of memory foam and a cool gel layer inside of a breathable zippered

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Eternal Humidifier PG94848


The Eternal Humidifier PG94848; create a tropical atmosphere while at home or in the office. For those who are tired of breathing in dry & dusty air, help moisten it in a fun and cool

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Solar Light Victorian Torch


The Eternal Solar Light Victorian Era style is filled with elegance & class. There was a distinguished quality of lighting back then that has yet to be duplicated. Add that same style to your

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Stadium seat


With Eternal Stadium Seat enjoying a fantastic game or awesome concert will be possible even when you are sitting in those hard stadium or arena seats. Take the comfort with you, our lightweight &extra-wide portable

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Singing Lily


The Eternal singing lily PG93840. Music for entertainment is a wonderful way to pass the time especially while one is at work. One of nature’s miracles is the vast amount of vegetation that so vital

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