Singing Lily

The Eternal singing lily PG93840. Music for entertainment is a wonderful way to pass the time especially while one is at work. One of nature’s miracles is the vast amount of vegetation that so vital to our life cycle. A unique combination of plants & music can brighten up anyone’s day or night.

Why not combine all 3 Music, Plants, & Lights? Eternal singing lily PG93840 is an exceptional flower pot that sings and gives off a colorful rainbow light show. It’s a remarkable enough flower pot that will impress all those who come across it.

The rare feature of the musical pot is that it can be activated by the touch of the leaf on the plant.

You can hear so many different classical piano tunes by just the tap of a finger, almost like you are playing the piano yourself. If you prefer to be in control of your music just go to the Bluetooth connection and sync your device and the flower pot will play your favorite playlists.


Have some fun with co-workers when you touch the plant and music with lights start to play!

Give as a gift to your favorite music lover. Use it as a fun & innovative teaching tool for young ones, help them to get interested in growing plants.

Keep on a night stand for those who are afraid of the dark, soothe them to sleep. Makes one awesome housewarming gift when you have no ideas what is needed or wanted. You can keep plants or flowers alive in this pot since you can pour water in just like any other flower pot. USB plug-in rechargeable so it can be charged just about anywhere.


The Eternal singing lily PG93840 is ideal for office spaces and home decoration.

Eternal singing lily PG93840

Eternal singing lily BT, Rechargeable