Party essentials; pico de gallo, chips and dipping sauce

What’s the best compliment to tortilla chips? pico de gallo of course whether you like it spicy or mild it is the perfect companion for the tortilla chips. My mother in law finally gave me the family recipe.

I always questioned my own family’s recipe really? Well it wasn’t until my mother in law came over to my home as we celebrated 4th of July last year and tasted my pico de gallo and obviously disapproved. All tortilla chips and dip were gone, but let me tell you not this year. Since the recipe landed in my hands I have been in a mission to perfect it for her approval. Tomorrow at our annual celebration my pico de gallo will be on point.

When she dips that chip into the pico de gallo fireworks will go off

get it? fireworks? 4th of July? Ha ha. In order to make my pico de gallo the highlight of the party I started the hunt for the perfect bowl and cups for the chips and pico de gallo and the dip for the family to enjoy.


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Eternal featured the Chip & Dip Snack Bowl it was crucial for me to have this particular bowl, Let me tell you why; first its clear transparent so I can see when its getting low on chips and dip and pico de gallo,the bowl comes with 2 attachable dip cups.

The tortilla chips will never have to depart the most beloved pico de gallo ever again. The attachable dip cups sit right at the rim of the chip bowl, by the way you can also use for salad and dressing but at tomorrow’s family gathering the Eternal Chip & Dip Snack Bowl is going to be part of that family tradition. The perfect amount of chips go into the large clear bowl, not only did I love the idea of the attachable dip cups for the dip and pico de gallo to be together with the tortilla chips but it also saves space on the table. Tomorrow when my mother in law comes over to give the verdict on the family recipe not only will she give me the approval but I will also get extra points thanks to the Eternal Chip & Dip snack Bowl