Green LED

The eternal Green LED PG93857. No need to worry in cases of blackouts or night terrors or even stepping on something in the middle of the night. A portable Green LED night light switch is just the answer to so many household problems. Keep 1 in each room in cases of blackouts and use only in emergencies.


Always handy to have a light switch lower so the kids don’t have to climb on chairs to try to reach for the room light switch.

Perfect for a tool bench or box so you can see & grab whatever tools you may need. Hang one by your bed for convenience when you don’t want to get up to turn off the lights. It illuminates a calm green light that is soothing for your pets’ eyes as well as yours.

Save hundreds on electricians & electric bills!

since there is no wiring required, just 3 AAA batteries. Installation is easy- magnets or Velcro or use the keyhole mount.

Green LED light perfect for special occasions, parties and holidays.

Green LED PG93857

PG93857 Night Light Switch Cob Light 2 Pack