Restaurant level salad at home

Those fancy salads are so delicious but add up in your wallet. Enjoy Restaurant level salad at home without there are multiple knives, cutting boards, forks, tongs, etc.

Then there’s the time to make and then clean up the assortment of dishes used for just 1 salad. Ugh that can be such a headache.

Treat yourself to a wonderful salad with all the treats with minimal messes.

Everything needed to cut, slice, dice and grate the ingredients needed for the perfect & delectable salad.

Restaurant level salad

Eternal Salad Maker PG93860

Once you have all the ingredients cut directly into the bowl, just give the knob a spin and viola a mixed salad in just a few seconds.

Restaurant level salad

Eternal Salad Maker PG93860, Restaurant level salad

Enjoy leftovers by storing in the fridge with the air-tight storage lid. Use for all occasions like a simple lunch or dinner salad or make a spectacular feast for party guests as well.