3 pcs Stainless Food Container With Dial Lid

The Eternal stainless food container PG93856; So many times, we pack a nice hot lunch for work and when we get there, what happens, the food is cold. Re-heating food in the microwave just takes away so much of the natural flavors. Keep foods nice & hot straight from the stove to work with just a snap of the lid.

This stainless food container is durable enough to cook on a stove-top or even to keep leftovers fresh in the fridge or freezer.


Use the date dial on the lid so you remember what date you prepared your food.

With an air-tight lid there is no need to worry that your food will spill in your fridge/ freezer, or in the car or even worse on your desk.

Nesting size bowls & lids for easy storage in a cupboard!


The Eternal 3pcs stainless food container PG93856 is ideal money saver, eat fresh leftovers instead of drive-thru for work lunches.

stainless food container PG93856

Eternal 3pcs Stainless Steel Set