Stone Cookware Set

The eternal stone cookware PG93835; Cooking is more fun & enjoyable when you have all the proper tools to create some of your fantastic meals. It’s even better when the basics required for cooking also can make clean-up hassle-free. Pots are essential for every kitchen since they are used in various ways.

How can we taste such wonderful soups, sauces, stews and so much more if it wasn’t for a pot? Different sizes are useful for different reasons. A quick can of soup to boil over the stove top call for a tiny pot.


Keep the flavors that are sometimes lost in cooking with the microwave.

Creating a sauce for a pasta dish, well a medium size pot is perfect to mix in all the required ingredients. Roasting a turkey or chicken in the oven well throw some potatoes in a large pot and boil till they’re soft enough to mash.


Copper Stone Pots heat up faster too, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly. Don’t lose any flavoring to steam, with glass tempered lids, foods are guaranteed to simmer on a low heat while retaining flavors from all juices. Most people shy away from cooking such great meals since the cleanup is such a pain but not with Stone-Derived Copper Pots.

With its Non-Stick Coating, clean-up is a breeze especially when you can put the pot & lid in the dishwasher. No need for oils or butter unless the recipe calls for it. Stone-Derived non-stick coating eliminates harmful chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. Bottom of pot has a stainless-steel induction bottom that can be used with gas, electric, ceramic & induction cooktops. Small pot is 1.5 qt, medium is 3 qt and large is 5 qt with 2 handles. Each pot comes with a glass tempered lid.


Eternal Stone Cookware Saucepan
stone cookware PG93835

Eternal 3quart Stone Copper Set with glass lid in retail box