Indulge yourself with a unique coffee mug

Who said unicorns don’t exist? Well they do. This wonderful coffee mug can prove it.
It happens every time I drink from it, at work especially Monday mornings, you know how that goes.

During coffee brake while everyone else uses an ordinary coffee mug , I have my unicorn coffee mug right there, I feel like I’m prancing through the rainbows in a field of clouds, I delight myself with my unicorn mug, it just changes my day.

If its coffee in the morning or my green tea in the evening, Uni is there, yes! I did named my coffee mug

Uni short for unicorn, it deserves a name, a unique mug like this that changes my Mondays at work I had to name it, It holds the perfect amount of tea or hot chocolate whatever indulges at that moment, and the handle curves just right with enough space to hold , not to big or too small, its perfect! and it has made me put my other mugs to retire, it now holds a special place in my kitchen cabinets.


Oh, the envy of my coworker!

When she sees me coming down the hallway to my cubicle with my unicorn mug, you know I have to admit there is just no other like this.

Its compact and dishwasher safe as well. So when you are ready to wind down from a hard day at work the unicorn coffee mug awaits you to take you into that field of clouds as you indulge yourself with your favorite hot beverage. Having a unique piece like this at home or in the office space will make a statement of your unique personality.