A headlight shouldn’t be uncomfortable

When it comes to choosing the right headlight there are many options, well now that I think of it not many, for the reason that they all have straps that are rubber or elastic, which hurts my head and makes my skull very uncomfortable, even headlights with adjustable straps don’t hold up to their purpose; they are either too tight or too loose, not comfortable at all.

I discovered the Eternal rechargeable beanie headlight, a headlight that has no straps! It has a super bright COB light inserted in the beanie itself! Where have you been all my life? was exactly what is said when I got it. As soon as I tried it on my head was like yes! this is it! this headlight belongs here, no more tight or loose straps.

I use it in all activities that I need to be hands-free; jogging, walking my dog at night, specially home repairs in dark spaces.

I don’t have to worry about popping in new batteries because it is USB rechargeable, and with its 3 modes and 150 lumens made it one of the most useful items in my hiking trip last week.


It kept me warm and comfortable

serving its purpose; lighting the way in the trail without worrying that the headlight would fall; it was a nice trip by the way, even better since I took my beanie headlight, I didn’t even have to adjust it at all, Comfort was the first and most important thing the beanie headlight brought upon me, it was like they were thinking of me when it was created.

When you wear the Eternal beanie headlight it points directly in front of you. It can also be used for night bike riding, traffic can see you without a problem and you can see any object or people coming your way. The headlight is composed of L.E.D lights so you get a clear white light. You can adjust the brightness from low, medium and high intensity modes. The colors available are black and gray, which color will you choose?