Cordless Personal Blender

The Eternal Cordless Blender PG93847, healthy & wise is  what you can be with this unique and convenient blender . Healthy because of all the real fruit smoothies that you can make while at home or on the go. Wealthy from all the money saved by juicing it up at home and not going to an expensive juice bar. Wise due to the nutrients your mind & body will now be enjoying thanks to this wonderful Cordless Blender.

Not just designed for smoothies, the Cordless Personal Blender can also blend shakes, sauces, and even fresh baby food.


If you prefer that your child doesn’t eat processed food that comes out of a jar or can, this is for you. You can control the food that everyone in your family eats.

It’s useful for a nice pasta sauce that you want to blend up quickly or some applesauce as a snack for a child. Add some tomatoes, onions & chili and now you have a nice salsa for a single serving or small get together.

Be in control of what goes in your body and add the ingredients that you desire!

With a built-in filter lid, you can also have drinks that do not include pulp. The Eternal Cordless Blender PG93847 Promotes healthy living since it is portable and can take to work or even on vacation. Never have an excuse to cheat on your diet again. Whirring blades can’t be started until the 2-magnetic connectors are empowered. Please do not allow a child to use without adult supervision.

Perfect for hiking, or your protein blend at the gym

Cordless Blender PG93847

Eternal Cordless Personal Blender