Portable Power Bank

The Eternal portable power bank PG93845; What to do when your smart phone is on 2% and you are nowhere near your charger. Usually most people find this as an occasion to panic but if you reach into your pocket or purse or glove compartment of your car you can find the Power Wallet!

It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse but large enough to keep a full charge for your poor dying phone or tablet or MP3 player. Not to worry if you think your phone bank and wallet won’t fit in a pocket or purse.


The portable power bank PG93845 back actually opens as a wallet too.

Accordion-Style holder for all your essential cards and has room for a bit of cash. Keep credit cards, IDs, pictures, and much more.

The portable power bank wallet is always equipped with extra security to protect credit cards from thieves with scanner ready to steal your identity & credit.!


Available in 2 colors a slick black to conceal your wallet or a smooth silver that can easily be seen in the darkest of purses or glove compartments. Great for kids who seem to be on their devices all day and may not remember to charge up before leaving the house. Complete with a micro-USB & regular USB ports makes it compatible with most electronic devices.

Never have to worry about being stuck without a working phone again.

portable power bank PG93845

Eternal power wallet PG93845 Black & Grey