Eternal Humidifier PG94848

The Eternal Humidifier PG94848; create a tropical atmosphere while at home or in the office. For those who are tired of breathing in dry & dusty air, help moisten it in a fun and cool way.

The Eternal Humidifier PG94848 features a tropical island encased in a plastic light bulb that sprays mist in the air while changing colors, it is certainly a unique way to grab someone’s attention. Want to explore some more senses then drop some aroma oils into the bulb.

Now your humidifier is a great air freshener as well.

The Eternal Humidifier PG94848 has 3 modes, only mist, mist & lights, lights only.


USB powered so can use it on the go by just plugging into a laptop

Your body will thank you with all the health benefits that come with releasing humidity into the air. Moisture is good for your skin but with the air freshener will make breathing easier as well.