Flood Light, 2400 Lumens, Heavy Duty & Portable

When pure darkness hit at home or away, it’s better to be prepared to shine a light on the situation. There’s so many occasion in which a flood light is completely needed & useful. When there’s a blackout or when work needs to be done at night.

blog1-compressor With 2 different light styles, this Flood light has multiple purposes. Very useful in emergencies or parties or while working outside.

Yes, that’s right even for parties, there a red/blue strobe light feature that is sure to keep everyone at the party very entertained.

It’s even great for lighting up the house when there is no electricity, like during a blackout.
Or when moving into a new house and the electricity has not been turned on yet but you want to move in or paint walls at night. Unit swivels 360 degrees so light can be shone in any direction. Soft cushioned handle makes carrying lightweight light more comfortable to carry. Heavy duty base, 2400 lumens, portable and water resistant a must have for home work or outdoors.


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